Microsoft’s new game mode: How this will affect PC-gamers

Microsoft has been changing things up in terms of product design and advancements. Xbox One is said to be losing its Snap mode, which allowed players to enjoy theirzq0xyggk game while also multitasking on the screen, but a new Game Mode for PC was also announced by Microsoft last week.


Game Mode

The primary goal of the new game mode is to increase frame rate. By doing this, Microsoft hopes to allow PC gaming to run as smoothly as console gaming. For those of you who are unaware, Microsoft’s current game mode can be opened by pressing the window key + G. If you click on the cog/wheel on the mode’s panel it will open system settings and allow you to make necessary adjustments. When in a game, you will then have the option to record, take a photo and access Xbox.


Why is this important?

This will allow for PC’s to utilize GPU and CPU, giving a smoother gaming experience. Often with PCs gaming can lag and be bogged down, but with game mode enabled the system becomes aware of the need for more computing power to be put toward the operation of the game instead of being used for other programs running on your computer at the time.



This new mode will work for both Universal Windows Platform and Win32, but it will not be available to the public just yet. The preview for the game mode was released today. Keep your eyes out for the actual release this spring when the Windows update occurs.


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