Controversies in Gaming

There are many controversies facing the gaming community and below I have touched on five. These are topics that I will revisit as more news is released on them this year, but for now I have provided a brief overview of each topic and issues pertaining to them.

Nintendo Switch 

Nintendo has developed this new gaming system, Nintendo Switch, which is portable, allows up to eight systems to be used together and allows users to connect to other systems online. It’s essentially a cross between the Wii nun chucks and the Wii U control pad. This biggest worry over the system is if it will be worth the $300 that Nintendo is charging. Already, Forbes has analyzed the CPU and GPU and predicted that it will be weak. There is much debate on whether this new concept will be a hit with Nintendo and many of the companies loyal consumers fear they may be switching their market entirely to mobile devices in the near future and shying away from console production.

Sony’s Virtual Wallet

There is still a lot talk about Sony requiring customers to have a minimum balance on their accounts before being allowed to purchase form the PlayStation store. Other systems such as Xbox 360 and Nintendo previously used point systems such as Sony, but have done away with the practice to better serve their consumers. Will Sony look to make some changes soon and follow its competitors in removing their online wallet system?

Trump’s Impact on E-sports

President Trump has recently passed new immigration policies that restrict immigration into the country. E-sports teams are supported by fans across the world and many gaming events are hosted within the Unites States. The gaming community is now worried that seeing professionals play and attending these tournaments will now be even harder than they once were. This could lead to a drop in E-sports revenue.

Funding is also a possible problem for E-sports, in the near future, as the contemplation of the Glass Steagall Act has occurred and President Trump mentioned separating Investment and Commercial banking during his campaigning in 2016.

Botting and Scripting 

Botting can either be a good thing or a bad thing depending on your point of view. For many gamers  it is a nuisance that only ruins the integrity of gaming, but for those who partake in botting it is an easy way to benefit from playing the game without actually having to play. Botting is when a user can program and use script to allow their computers to do the work for them so they no longer have to sit at their system and put in the hours to acquire a certain level or skill. This, in turn, ruins the gaming experience for the rest of players. Recently League of Legends had to remove game modes due to bots. Some players have shown anger on message boards. Kaliin said, “However, instead of addressing the underlying issue, getting rid of the bots, you want to simply remove the vehicle [game mode] for which the bots are accessing the game.” Botting still remains to be an unresolved issue in the gaming community and gamers want the problem fixed.

How Pre-ordering Games Leads to Unsatisfied Customers

Many gamers enjoy pre-ordering because they are offered bonuses (either in the game or tangible items such as posters.) While the perks are cool, many consumers are seeing their money not so well-spent. Companies have been found to issue pre-ordering perks to receive more needed funding for game development. Once pre-ordering begins the companies are then rushed to finish their products with a limited budget. This leads to the release of games that customers deem unfinished. Companies have also been found to remove chunks of game material, that is initially offered, to serve their best interests and save money. A lot of gamers are now refusing to pre-order, unless it is for a company with the ability to deliver quality games. Battlefield games are still pre-ordered due to popularity and quality, but what can gamers rely on other than big name games? How will this effect new start ups and companies that may have had one bad release that they can’t live down. Is pre-ordering becoming obsolete?

(Message Boards on BF forum about pre-ordering)


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