Blizzard, Are You Listening?

I mentioned in the previous post that botting and scripting has been an issue for gamers. It has created so many in-game issues that entire modes needed to be removed from League of Legends. Now botting and scripting is transforming to an even bigger beast, nuking, and Overwatch players are tired of the attacks.

Over 17,000 Koreans have cried out to Blizzard on Reddit and in hopes to be heard. Overwatch suffered from extreme botting and scripting the day it was released and now more than 22,000 Koreans have been banned due to hacking, DDOSing (Distributed-Denial-of-Service) and nuking. Aimbot is used to issue these attacks. They slow down the game for opponents, have the ability to freeze the game, immobilize players from leaving the spawn point, remove them from the game, change maps and switch the locations of their opponents heroes in the game.

This type of hacking is not uncommon in Korea and even though Blizzard bans the hackers from the game after they have been reported, new accounts can always be made through burner e-mails.

This is also not the first time that Blizzard has banned a large quantity of accounts due to hacking. In early January over 10,000 accounts were banned and upon release of the game the company promised to be harsh against these offenders.

Now players speak out on message boards and hope that this new mass ban in Korea will motivate change. Blizzard, are you listening?






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