Nintendo Switch: Why You Should Wait to Buy it

Many are waiting with anticipation for the release of Nintendo Switch in March and Nintendo has shown confidence in their product by spending $5 million for a Super Bowl commercial, but is Nintendo too confident?

The ad appears to be geared more toward millennials, which is fine, but this is what was aired during the Super Bowl. This short 30 second ad only showcases how the system can be used by an individual.  The extended cut is something better found on YouTube.

The extended commercial shows groups, families, friends, and single players all enjoying the system. Perhaps Nintendo should have chosen scenes from the extended cut for the Super Bowl commercial instead of what was aired.

Like all new gaming systems, people are wondering if the Nintendo Switch is something they should buy on the release date.

According to Business Insider the system is weaker than those already on the shelves and will cost roughly $300 when released in March. Ben Gilbert, the writer from BI, says there isn’t really any reason to buy the Nintendo Switch until the holidays since game releases for the system will be staggered throughout the year.

One of the biggest selling points Nintendo seems to be making for the system is that you will be able to play “Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild”. The game looks beautiful and we can’t wait to play it, but wait….it is also being released on Wii U.zelda

Nintendo Switch sales will most likely suffer due to this. While Wii U sales were lacking on the system’s release, you can now purchase the system for $200 or less, which is cheaper than the Switch.

In my opinion, Nintendo Switch is just a cross between the Wii U control pad, Wii nun-chucks and the 3DS. Most loyal Nintendo customers own one of these already. Why buy this new system?

Well, Nintendo  argues that the Switch will have better Third-Party support. This means that other companies will be making games compatible for the system. Players will have more options beyond the standard Nintendo games. This was a huge issue with Nintendo’s previous consoles; mostly the Wii U.

As of right now, there isn’t an obvious answer, but buyers should  think about holding off on this purchase until reviews are out. Purchasing the Switch should be less expensive during Black Friday or Cyber Monday when the system will hopefully be on sale.

Remember to keep yourself informed on the product as March approaches and to check out reviews as soon as the Switch is released.





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