Injustice 2 Struggles With the Ladies

On Valentine’s Day, NetherRealm Studios and Warner Bros. released a new “Injustice 2” trailer featuring Catwoman, Cheetah and Poison Ivy and previously released, Black Canary. The women are portrayed just as manly as they were in “Injustice” and this has left fans of the games disappointed with the lack of improvement on design.

Most of the trailer refrains from providing actual game play to showcase the characters. The video portrays the women as actually being somewhat attractive, but once the game play is shown, the real design comes out.

Image result for injustice 2 poison ivy

Here is the art for the four women, but actual design in the game is poor quality compared to this. “Injustice” games are known for creating women that are not easy to look at.

After the release, fans began commenting on how “Injustice” can never seem to make a pretty woman.


Prior to these three character unveilings, Wonder Woman was also criticized for her overt manliness when announced as being a playable character for “Injustice 2”.

Image result for wonder woman injustice 2

comment 2.png

NetherRealms and Warner Bros. has shown signs that they are aware of how rough the female characters look. The first designs released for Super Girl and Wonder Woman look much different from what they are now. The company made adjustments to the faces by incorporating smoother jawlines and less facial shadowing.

Despite current dissatisfaction with Cheetah, Catwoman, and Poison Ivy, it is possible that they may get face lifts just like Wonder Woman and Super Girl. All hope is not lost for these ladies.


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