Can the ‘E’ in E-sports Stand for Everyone?

Currently there are only 361 women signed up for professional e-sports and 292 male top e-sports players make more money than the highest top-paid female professional.

There is more than a $2 million pay difference between the top paid male, Saahil Arora, and the top paid female, Sasha Hostyn’s, earnings which are solely earned through e-sports.

In the end of December, 2016, Mark Regligioso, a brand manager for Bandai Namco Entertainment spoke to the New York Times stressing the potential for women in e-sports.

Video game developers and producers want to create diversity and get more women involved with e-sports, but women are still being extremely underpaid compared to male players.

Aside from the pay gap between genders, women also have to endure sexism from viewers, opponents and even fans.

Miss Harvey, also known as Steph Harvey, is one of the leading female professional players in the world for Counter-Strike/CSGO.

Harvey told BBC, “It’s still a ‘boy’s club’ so as a woman you’re automatically judged for being different.”.

She is a strong figure for girl gamers and even founded Misscliks which is a site developed around the idea of highlighting women in geek and gamer culture. The site hosts live streams, shows and strives to create a better community by eliminating prejudice and mistreatment.

In BeBoldPeople, Harvey encourages aspiring professionals to keep persevering. She says, “The choice is entirely yours: listen to the haters and give up, or drown out the malicious voices and soldier on.” 


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