E-sports Injuries and What You Didn’t Know

With the possible repeal of Obamacare, healthcare and insurance is on the majority of people’s minds, so what about the health concerns that e-sports players face in particular?

Like any sport, e-sports professionals sustain injuries while playing, which are often wrist injuries caused by repetitive motion and health benefits aren’t common in player’s contracts.

These injuries often influence player’s ability to perform at capacity and can often cost them a win , and if the injury is bad enough, can cost them their career.

Professionals often play for 14 or more hours at a time, which pushes them beyond their limits.

According to Dr. Harrison, and orthopedic and upper extremity surgeon, many e-sports players fly around the country to have him tend to their injuries.

These injuries can be prevented with stretching and ergonomic exercises, but often pain ins’t felt until it is too late and an injury occurs.

Miss Harvey, CSGO professional, recently sustained a hand injury at the beginning of this year where they do offer physical therapy.


Currently hand warmers are used by players to help with circulation to their fingers. This is a common and essential tool for professionals and helps to stretch their hands before each match. It’s similar to stretching before running. The hand warmers are literally a warm up.

If injury is sustained, braces are often used to help temporarily when a player is experiencing pain.

Hax, a professional Smash Brothers player, was forced to retire due hand injury. He had seen 10 doctors and went through two surgeries to help with his pain, but after competing in Pound in early 2016, the pain returned and he was forced to drop out of the tournament and retire from playing altogether.

Injuries such as this aren’t cheap and can costs thousands of dollars and with many professionals lacking health benefits in their contracts, the burden of the bill falls upon the players.

With these injuries becoming more frequent as players are pushed to limits, the length of a career in e-sports will only shorten.

For many, this is their only source of income and most e-sports professionals are only in their 20’s. It’s not just a game, it’s a career and the hands are the tool that these players require to do their work.Prevention is necessary and health benefits should be provided.

The NFL has an entire page  that lists the benefits that players can expect.

E-sports isn’t an uncommon thing and the professional League of Legends Finals typically has more viewers than Baseball’s World Series and NBA Finals.

It’s time for e-sports players to have benefits that other professional sports players do.





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