Oculus Rift Price Cut was Predicted in 2016

Facebook recently cut the price of the Oculus Rift headset and motion controllers by $200. The headset was originally $599 and the controllers were $200. Now the kit can be purchased for $600,  but we shouldn’t be surprised that the price went down.

The reasons given for the price reduction are the lack of sales for the Oculus Rift, new improvements to manufacturing and a desire to get people engaged with VR.

The Oculus Rift and HTC Vive were struggling to make sales last year and one of the main reasons was due to price.

In 2016, many online discussions began as VR became introduced to consumers. Those worried about the initially high prices went to Reddit to discuss when price drops could be seen. reddit-cmnts



Others got on Steam to start a discussion.



In March of 2016, VRTalk.com released a post discussing the high prices of VR systems, and even went as far as saying that Oculus Rift would plummet in price just before releasing a new VR model. A new model hasn’t been mentioned yet, but this post predicted the exact amount that the Rift would drop by.


A price drop in VR hardware was always expected, but not without the production of a second generation system.

This price reduction has been heavily debated over the last year and consumers were eager to see the system’s cost decrease, but since the announcement, not many consumers have chimed in with opinions. Over the next few days, expect to see discussion boards fill with new opinions and responses.






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