Consumers Respond to Oculus Rift’s $200 Price Cut

In the last blog post, I mentioned the price drop of Oculus Rift and that responses had yet to be seen from consumers. Now that it has been about a week since that post, let’s check in on what’s being said.

Generally people don’t seem to be overly upset about the price reduction, but there is at least one buyer with harsh feelings.

Darkrune commented to an Oculus forum expressing his/her anger about the price drop since he/she had bought it at full price.

oculus cmnt

Others quickly chimed in to point out that all products eventually drop in price, and it was to be expected. Others, who paid full price, expressed that they did not experience the same anger as Darkrune.

oculus cmnt2

Reddit discussions address the problem for those who bought the VR system more recently. It would really suck to have bought the Oculus Rift days before the price drop, but Facebook has offered a $50 store credit to those who purchased the Oculus Rift within the last 30 days.

reddit cmnt

There are both positives and negatives to Facebook’s decision. While some who purchased it for full price feel like they got slapped in the face, others who were waiting for a lower price so they could afford it have finally gotten what they wanted.

In general, fans of VR seem to be happy and hopeful of seeing more people using the technology, thanks to the cut in price, despite any harsh feelings they may bear.




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