What’s With Supergirl’s Face and New Pivotal Role?

In a previous post I touched on the continuous issue that NetherRealm runs across— Female faces. It seems that the reoccurring fault has shown it’s ugly head once again.

In a more recent release of a new trailer, viewers can see what appears to be another facial reconstruction for Superman’s cousin.

So far, Supergirl has undergone at least two facial reconstructions since the announcement of her character being available for play in Injustice 2.


With the design of Supergirl’s face, we can see less shadow, slender cheek bones and more light reflecting on her cheeks, but with the new release of Shattered Alliances, It seems that her face has become the original concept design once more.

There could be a logical explanation for this. The company could have already created this trailer prior to her most recent rework, or NetherRealm’s designers could have changed their mind after the new look and decided to change it once more.

Some comments attached to the new trailer are focusing on the poor quality of facial construction.

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Aside from looks, fans are raising discussion over whether Supergirl will become like Cassie Cage from Mortal Kombat.

Cassie Cage

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Cassie ended up being a key, pivotal, character in Mortal Kombat, which now NetherRealms has shown that Supergirl could also be a key character in the story associated with Injustice 2 and fans are drawing connections between the two.

If Supergirl happens to be the leading lady to this story line, hopefully they settle on an official face design.

It’s hard to tell if fans are excited, neutral, or upset about this comparison to Cassie Cage, but they are aware that Supergirl will be a central character to the plot.

The release of Injustice 2 will be coming this May and more trailer releases are expected, so keep your eyes peeled for more curve balls from NetherRealms.


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