League of Legends Community Scrutinizes Riot for Censorship Choices

With the new release of Xayah and Rakan in League of Legends, Riot has had to remove some quotes from the duo because of the risk of League of Legends being given the rating of Mature. Xayah and Rakan were expected to have quotes featured in the game using words such as “shit”, which would require Riot to change the rating of League of Legends to Mature.

League of Legends has kept its Teen rating since conception, and Riot works hard to keep it that way, but Xayah and Rakan’s quotes had the potential to push League’s rating into a Mature category, which would change a lot for League of Legends, but Riot removed the quotes to keep the game friendly to younger users.

I am sure many are wondering why Riot would want to keep League of Legends rated for teens, but Riot’s choices in game and champion development, to adhere to specific rating requirements, have been scrutinized by players a lot over time.

Let it be known that Xayah and Rakan are not the first champions in League of Legends to use swear words. Kled uses “shit”, but when the word is said it is covered with the typical ‘bleep’ noise.

League of Legends walks a fine line between being mature, but also charmingly childish, which is why the company needs to be able to market to both teens and adults. If Riot’s rating changed to Mature, then they wouldn’t be able to market to younger players.

In many reviews, parents online complain more about how addicting the game is for their teenage children and not about how violent it is. In fact, many state that it isn’t violent at all despite the warning in the rating for the game.

riotriotPlayers have even created a message board discussing why the game is even rated Teen since the themes described, tobacco, blood and gore, use of tobacco and violence aren’t overtly obvious.

However, some decisions made by Riot to keep League of Legends teen friendly have left players with more questions than answers.

In the early years of League of Legends tobacco was present in at least one champion, Graves. He was known for having a cigar in his mouth, but Riot has removed this iconic symbol to end any suggestion that smoking is okay and to adhere to tobacco usage laws.

While this seems fine and dandy, there are still champions with skins, which are different variations of the characters that are capable of being purchased in game, that show champions with cigars and even suggestive beer kegs.

Many players were upset when Graves lost his iconic cigar and don’t understand why it’s okay for skins to be featured with tobacco, but not the Graves actual splash art.


silverRiotSilver explains it best in a Riot forum. The company has many regions to appeal. While the rating is extremely important, the game must adhere to the different regions that play the game, but even with this reasoning from two years ago, League of Legends players are still salty about Riot’s decisions to remove certain characteristics , which I am sure more scrutiny will surface with Riot’s new decision to remove Xayah and Rakan’s quotes.




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