Let’s talk video games and their advancements in today’s technology driven world. Many of us can say that we have enjoyed a video game at one point or another, whether it be on an Xbox, computer, phone, tablet, etc. However, most individuals wouldn’t call themselves gamers, but with video games becoming such an influential part of our lives it is important to understand where they are taking us and the potential that they have.

I have created a gaming club at WVU, been the president and vice-president of the club, have helped influence the integration of e-sports at the university and sat in on think tanks for the creation of a reserved facility for gaming clubs here at the university, but what I see as great accomplishment, many see as a waste of time.

The future of gaming is bright and has the potential to influence new ways of learning, earning a living and strengthening communities. My mission with this blog is to inform readers of how video games are growing, evolving, and offering professional jobs in our ever-advancing society.